Volunteers needed to fill TBC positions.

Posted on May 27, 2014 in TBC News | 2 comments

To our TBC family:

The Trojan Basketball Club has experienced strong development in the recent past – both on and off the court.  Our club goal is to provide support, encouragement and resources to help our kids reach their full potential as basketball players, student-athletes and people.

Realizing this goal is only made possible through the efforts and dedication of family members of TBC.  To all the volunteers who have taken on special roles to help support the club, we offer our sincerest thanks.  You are our “go to” people.  And now there are some great opportunities for new volunteers to take the next step in supporting Trojan youth basketball.  TBC is currently seeking club members to fill the following positions:

Club President


Uniform/Spiritwear Coordinator

Gym time/Practice Scheduler

Tournament Coordinator


Each of these positions is vital to our success, and it is important that they are filled by member families to insure player safety, program unity and the meeting of our objectives.  Some of the open positions are permanent while others are filled on a yearly basis as families move in and out of the organization.  In all cases, new volunteers will have the full support of past volunteers in getting started and with any questions or challenges that arise.

By volunteering, you will be helping to keep club costs at the affordable levels we enjoy.  Without volunteers TBC would have to pay for outsiders to assume some of these roles.  Any subcontracted work that requires TBC funds is really paid for with YOUR money!

Please consider becoming involved as a TBC volunteer for the short period of time that your kids are involved in youth basketball.  Thank you.

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